A minimalist strategy game.

Minimal Mountain: Last Graveyard challenges you to defend the top of the hill. Grow berries and build a home for your people, but beware of the evils that lurk underground! This minimalist strategy game will keep you busy, turn by turn.

How to play?

Each field on the board can be used in two different ways: By Tapping on it or by Raising it (dragging upwards). There are five types of fields in the game:

Empty: Tap to grow berries, Raise to build a home for your people (costs 15 berries). The bright dots warn of a monster on its way to the surface. The icon indicates the number of turns before surfacing.

Berries: Once growing, they take 3 turns to be ready for harvest. Then, you can Raise them to gain 5 berries immediately or let them be and passively gain 1 berry each turn.

Home: Raise to upgrade to a better house, increasing its staming by 1 and, unless it is the lowest home level (rider), also increase its attack range by 1. Base stamina on creation is 2, maximum stamina is 4. The yellow-outlined fields are in attack-range of your homes and will deal 1 damage to all monsters. If you lose all your homes, you lose the game. You always deal damage before the monsters take action.

Monster: They spawn randomly on empty fields, with a stamina ranging from 1 to 4. They eat nearby berry fields to replicate and attack nearby homes.

Chest: These are rare and are only visible for a single turn. Raise to trigger a beneficial event, or spawn some extra monsters!

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